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V-belts for combine harvesters - Harvest Belts®

The Harvest Belts® are V-belts manufactured by STOMIL SANOK S.A. as an alternative to original parts installed in combine harvesters.

Thanks to 30 years of experience, specialist processing equipment and a well trained staff, Stomil Sanok is the leader in quality and proper processing solutions for wrapped V-belts. Only certified materials and stocks are used for production. The quality of input materials and finished products is verified by our laboratory that has special equipment for testing of rubber compounds, fabrics, cords and durability of belts. The V-belts from series production are continuously tested, which assures ongoing control of production level and quality.

Types of V-belts for agricultural machines

  • narrow section V-belts
  • wide profile V-belts
  • double sided belts
  • flat drive belts
  • classic V-belts (normal profile)
  • power bands
  • wrapped notched wide profile V-belts
  • small power V-belts
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