Advantages of gearings with V-belts

Belt gearing with V-belts guarantee quiet, calm and smooth operation. Its advantage is a possibility to smooth sudden load changes as well as damping of vibrations. Simple and cheap construction (without body and without lubrication) do not require special service and special maintenance what reduce costs of operation.


Used up V-belts can be quickly and easily exchanged without prolongation of machine downtime. Belt gearings with V-belts give possibility to move power at long distances as well as big freedom in selection of axle base of pulleys. The ration can be easily changed by usage of pulleys with number of grooves of different diameters and by moving a belt from one groove to other ones.


The advantage of belt gearing is that drive is not transferred during overloads of short duration, what protects other mechanisms of drive from excessive overloads what could lead to their damage. Belt gearings are not very sensitive at imperfections of mutual setting of pulley axis. Belt drives give possibility for power distribution i.e. drives transferring from one shaft to other ones.

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