Why Harvest Belts®

The Harvest Belts line of products has been introduced to adapt the production of V-belts at Stomil Sanok S.A. to the changing situation on the market – it is our answer to high expectations of combine harvester users, who require high quality V-belts at a suitable price.

The differences between industrial V-belts and Harvest Belts

Taking into consideration a diversity of applications and conditions of V-belt operations, different design and quality versions of products are produced.





Advantages of using the Harvest Belts®

Confidence in obtaining the right V-belt – the manufacturer is responsible for selecting the suitable belt by matching with the given catalog number. Assurance of long and reliable performance – the quality and strength of the V-belts are similar to original parts and ensure long and failure free operation of the transmission system.



The Harvest Belts®

The Harvest Belts® are V-belts manufactured by STOMIL SANOK S.A. as an alternative to original parts installed in combine harvesters



Whom are the Harvest Belts® recommended to?

The Harvest Belts® are recommended to farmers who have relatively new harvesters manufactured in Western Europe or in the USA and expect high-quality V-belts matched to their transmission systems, while not accepting the high pricing of original parts.



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