The differences between industrial V-belts and Harvest Belts

The V-belts which used in agricultural machinery work in extreme conditions, especially outdoors, where they are exposed to sun, dust, dirt, stones and other objects which can get between the belt and the pulley. In addition, V-belts often work in very operationally challenging transmission systems that are subjected to frequent overloads. During the design of new agricultural machinery, manufacturers take into consideration these conditions and use special design V-belts transmission systems. Stomil Sanok S.A. produces three main versions of V-belts:

  • Reinforced V-belts
  • Super (with polyester cords)
  • Super K (with aramid cords)



The Harvest Belts include many different design versions, which have been created by a team of engineers with experience in belt transmission design. All belts in the transmission gears are tested under different operating conditions, transmitted powers and possible overloads. Afterwards, the suitable design is adapted to these conditions properly. The Harvest Belts can be additionally reinforced by adding special filling or increased number of specially impregnated wire wraps.

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