The information on this website refers to V-belt transmission systems manufactured by Stomil Sanok S.A. The following information contains practical guidelines for correct belt transmission operation and maintenance. The Stomil Sanok S.A. V-belts meet expectations of many original equipment manufacturers. V-belts have been manufactured by the company for 40 years and the production process is continuously modernized. Numerous certifications result in the products of excellent quality and undisputed performance. The V-belts from Stomil Sanok S.A. are designed to meet expectations of the most demanding users.

Advantages of gearings with V-belts

Belt gearing with V-belts guarantee quiet, calm and smooth operation. Its advantage is a possibility to smooth sudden load changes as well as damping of vibrations.






Rules of correct gearing utilization with V-belts

After a gearing was mounted and belts were adjusted generally belt gearing do not require any maintenance work. To ensure satisfactory and error-free belt gearing operation as well as long lifetime of belts, following hints should be observed.




General information

Thanks to tested and proven technology, special design and optimally selected raw materials, the V-belts manufactured by Stomil Sanok S.A. are failure-free and reliable parts of power transmission systems.



Factors influencing belt durability

Number of belts in one set Belt gearing is designed for optimal number of used belts. If the number of belts in one set decrease, lifetime of remain belts lowers disproportionately.


Typical failures of V-belts and their reasons


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